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The  pension  fund  is  a  separate  legal  and  accounting  entity.   Although  a  company  is  not  required  to  have  a  pension  plan,  if  it  does  it  must  follow  financial  accounting  standards  and  government  accounting  and presentation  dictates.  The  major  types  of  pension  plans  are  defined  contribution  and  defined  benefit.  The  course  presents  reporting  by  a  trustee  for  the  plan,  including  the  requirements  surrounding  pension  plan financial  statements.  The  accounting  for  settlements,  curtailments,  and  terminations  is  presented.  Postretirement benefit plans other than pensions are also discussed. Finally, the accounting and reporting for postemployment benefits are presented.  

    Presentation Method:  QAS Self-Study


    Category: Accounting


    CPE credit:  7 Hours

    Program Level:  Update

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