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A  manager's  success  depends  largely  on  his  or  her  ability  to  manage  a  company's  assets.  This  mission  is  complicated by the interdependent nature of a company's finances. One short‐term financial problem, such as a cash  flow  shortage,  can  cause  a  longer‐term  credit  problem,  such  as  denials  for  bank  loans.  The  successful  manager must be able to quickly identify and resolve such short‐term problems in order to prevent their long‐term deleterious effects. This course is intended for effective business managers and entrepreneurs. Covering every facet of the daily management of a business's finances, it is designed to help managers pinpoint, remedy, and prevent business and financial problems. In each case, it also points out potential ripple effects, the ways in which a problem in one sector can disrupt operations in other areas. 

      Presentation Method:  QAS Self-Study


      Category: Business Management & Organization


      CPE credit: 12 Hours

      Program Level:  Update

      Prerequisites:  None

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