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A derivative is a financial instrument or other contract that derives its value from the movement of prices, interest  rates,  or  exchange  rates  associated  with  an  underlying  item.  Uncertainty  about  the  future  fair  value of assets and liabilities or about future cash flows exposes firms to risk. One way to manage the risk associated  with  fair  value  and  cash  flow  fluctuations  is  through  the  use  of  derivatives.  This  course  addresses  the  accounting  and  disclosure  requirements  related  to  derivative  financial  instruments (derivatives).  Also  addressed  are  selected  disclosure  requirements  for  other  financial  instruments,  primarily those related to fair value and concentrations of credit risk. 

    Presentation Method:  QAS Self-Study


    Category: Accounting


    CPE credit:  3 Hours

    Program Level:  Update

    Prerequisites:  None

    Advance Preparation:  None

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