Business Combinations and Consolidated Financial ReportingCode: 24-BUSCOMB

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This course reviews the two standards reflected in the Codification as ASC 805, Business Combinations, and ASC 810,  Consolidation.  These  statements,  which  require  prospective  treatment  for  new  business  combinations  having fiscal years beginning after December 15, 2008, mandate what is referred to as the acquisition method.  

This course emphasizes both the theory and practice relating the acquisition method standards. A comparison of old (e.g., poolings of interest and purchase methods) and acquisition methodrules will prepare practitioners for dealing with the variety of practices they will encounter at their clients or employers. This course also addresses the  preparation  of  consolidated  financial  statements,  the  appropriate  treatment  of  the  costs  affecting  a  combination, and other related issues. 

    Presentation Method:  QAS Self-Study


    Category: Accounting


    CPE credit:  4 Hours

    Program Level:  Update

    Prerequisites:  None

    Advance Preparation:  None

    Exam expiration date:  Participants must submit exams for grading within one year from the date of purchase


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