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This course covers what everything business people need to know about accounting and finance. It is directed toward the businessperson who must have financial and accounting knowledge but has not had formal training in finance or accounting-perhaps a newly promoted middle manager or a marketing manager of a small company who must know some basic finance concepts. The entrepreneur or sole proprietor also needs this knowledge; he or she may have brilliant product ideas, but not the slightest idea about financing. The goal of the course is to provide a working knowledge of the fundamentals of finance and accounting that can be applied, regardless of the firm size, in the real world. It gives nonfinancial managers the understanding they need to function effectively with their colleagues in finance.

Major Subjects:

  • Essentials of Accounting and Finance
  • Types of cost data and cost analysis
  • Break-even and contribution analysis
  • Forecasting cash needs and budgeting
  • Cost control and variance analysis
  • Managing financial assets
  • Financial decision making
  • Understanding time value of money
  • Capital expenditure decisions
  • Short-term financing
  • Leasing and term-loans
  • Initial public offering (IPO) and venture capital financing
  • Long-term financing
  • Recording financial information
  • Understanding and analyzing financial statements

    • Presentation Method:  QAS Self-Study


      Category: Finance


      CPE credit:  15 Hours

      Program Level:  Update

      Prerequisites:  None

      Advance Preparation:  None

      Exam expiration date:  Participants must submit exams for grading within one year from the date of purchase


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