Internal Audit Challenges of the Coronavirus PandemicCode: 21-AUDCOVID

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23 pages

Course description and objectives:

The Coronavirus pandemic of 2020 has created a new business environment for many, if not most, businesses.  Business processes have changed as more employees are working from home and there are greater operational and financial risks as economic health diminishes and overall unemployment increases in both the USA and the world.  These factors create new challenges for the internal audit function. 

Risk challenges faced by the internal audit function in these uncertain times and discussed in this course include computer connectivity, information technology controls, financial controls, supply chain and workforce risks, liquidity and customer credit risks, insurance issues and brand risks. 

Course Objectives:

After reading the materials, participants will be able to

  •           Recognize added information technology, operational, financial and financial control risks to businesses caused by the Coronavirus pandemic
  •          Recognize techniques to reduce risks added by the Coronavirus pandemic.

Presentation Method:    Self-Study


Category:  Auditing

CPE credit:  1 Hour

Program Level:  Update

Prerequisites:  None

Advance Preparation:  None

Exam expiration date:  Participants must submit exams for grading within one year from the date of purchase


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